The Center on Education and Training for Employment Translates Research

Into Practices That Innovatively Address Societal Problems

Engaging in the discovery and translation of knowledge in education, workforce development, and community engagement


Actuating a vision that individuals, organizations, and other social institutions make racial equity a day-to-day priority

Taking on initiatives that are aligned to translating research into practices for a prepared workforce and healthy communities. 

See What We Do

Creating, Refining, and Delivering Assessments  

Supporting Career Technical Educators in Rehabilitation and Corrections

Developing Curriculum and Learning Solutions 

Analyzing Jobs and Occupations with the DACUM (an Acronym for Developing a Curriculum) Process

Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Programs 

Working to Help Youth Learn, Grow, and Prepare
for the Future

Fusing research-based content with leaders in learning and instructional design to develop online learning

Providing Educators with Professional Learning to Help Advance their Careers