Where Research Meets Reality

The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) occupies a unique position within The Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology as a translational research center.

CETE and three other entrepreneurial hubs: Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and PolicySchoenbaum Family Center, and Walter E. Dennis Learning Center, comprise the College of Education and Human Ecology Centers for Practice, Research and Policy (EHE Centers). These centers provide research and leadership across the lifespan of human learning – from cradle to college and career – and seek to translate that research in ways that inform practice and policy, and ultimately improve human potential.

CETE is positioned to become a prominent translational research center and be recognized as a model on a national level. CETE is guided by a dynamic strategic plan and a vision to propel our expertise on workforce, communities, and education, to create healthy urban and rural communities that support well-being and economic prosperity.

CETE’s approach to Translational Research includes problem definition, developing alternative solutions, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation, to solve societal problems using an evidence-based intervention to policy development that result in widespread use of proven practices.

CETE bridges research and practice through work in assessment, equity, engagement and evaluation, corrections education, curriculum and training, professional learning for educators, and family engagement.

CETE’s work has influenced areas such as human trafficking; school, family, and community partnerships; and adult education. CETE’s work has impacted the lives of families, children, and youth; immigrants; special needs populations; and various professional groups (e.g., students, teachers, managers, and technicians). 

Since 2006 CETE has served as a UNEVOC Center under the guidance of the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Center (International United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations/ International Centers for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Center).

The Center on Education and Training for Employment’s Translational Research approach as described in Common Models and Sub-Processes Inherent to Translational Research: Public Health Examples of Science for the Public Good. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 13(2).

Our Team

Our center personnel is made up of about 60 senior leaders, program leads, associates, faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students working in a productive and intellectually stimulating environment

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Mission & Vision

VisionTranslating research into practices resulting in a prepared and effective workforce and healthy communities that support well-being and economic prosperity. Mission StatementConduct scholarship; support faculty,

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The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) has been a leader in the field now known as workforce development for more than 55

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