This video highlights CETE’s Assessment program’s process of creation, refinement, and delivery of assessments through multiple formats.


Our Assessment program has over 30 years of experience in the creation, refinement, and delivery of assessments through multiple formats. Our item writing process efficiently creates reliable and valid instruments to measure job knowledge, skills, and work competencies for students and employees. Using specifications created from a practice or occupational analysis, content standards regulated by a governing body, or other provisions, we guide the creation of a repository of item banks for personnel selection and credentialing as well as measuring competency attainment in career-technical education.


We are experienced in creating documentation for accreditation applications. For existing test item banks, we offer a secure online testing platform called WebXamTM that provides immediate feedback, customized reporting options, and personalized technical support. WebXamTM has served as the test administration platform for both certification exams and Ohio’s Career-Technical Education programs for over fifteen years. Our flagship Test Development Workshop provides attendees with the tools to create tests of occupational knowledge and skill for credentialing or personnel selection, and can be customized to meet the needs of any organization (and delivered off-site).


We acknowledge that we have a critical sphere of influence in working with state government organizations, secondary and post-secondary instructors, along with industry professionals, to create assessments utilized by the Career-Technical Education programs and other workforce development programs. We seek out experts in their career fields to ensure that individuals who take our assessments have a fair and equitable experience, regardless of what demographic groups they belong to.

In searching for and recruiting subject matter experts, we strive for a diverse pool of instructors and professionals to help us write and review all elements of our assessments. We are taking steps to recruit a more racially diverse population for item-writing workshops to assist in the creation of exams that demonstrate racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are also increasing our review of existing assessment items to check for content that could disadvantage test takers. As part of our efforts, we will:

  • Create assessments that practice equity by having subject matter experts review items for inclusiveness during workshops and after workshops.
  • Work closely with the Ohio Department of Education and their desires to address racial equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Collaborate with Dr. Kenyona Walker, CETE’s leading scholar in the area of race and education, on increasing the diversity and sourcing of item writers.
  • Increasing the frequency of advanced forms of item analysis that detect possible inequity in assessments as part of our annual reviews, and before assessments are finalized.


Created and launched by our center in 2003, WebXam™ is an online test-delivery system that offers features such as data tracking and

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Program Team

Bridget McHugh, PhD

Program Director of Assessment Services

Rebecca Berenbon

Associate Psychometrician

Tyler Degen

Systems Developer/engineer

Laurie Dotson

Program coordinator

Brock Hertzfeld

Systems Developer/Engineer

Richard Huggins

Senior Systems Developer/Engineer

Young Min Kim, PhD

Post Doctoral Scholar