Our center supports the discovery of new knowledge and its translation into the fields of education, workforce development and community engagement. The impact translational research can have on the well-being of individuals, families, and communities is remarkable and inspires our associates to continue to ask the complex questions that can lead to new exploration.

Grants and Contracts

We engage in translational research through an array of grants and contracts awarded by federal and statewide sponsors such as the US Department of Education, Ohio Department of Education, and Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections...


As a translational research center, scholarly work serves as a unifying priority. Our research is translated through peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed publications to help inform and impact the fields of education, workforce development and community engagement....


Conferences and invited presentations provide our scholars and associates opportunities to share knowledge in their field, access new ideas, and serve as a venue for brainstorming, networking, and making connections that can lead to funding and collaborations...