Created and launched by our center in 2003, WebXam™ is an online test-delivery system that offers features such as data tracking and results reporting. Completed assessments are scored immediately, offering users the ability to view and download reports in multiple formats. Clients using this system also have the opportunity to grant individuals access and the ability to log in to WebXam™ while entering scores for portfolios, projects, and performances.

The WebXam™ system is available 24/7 with email or phone support during conventional business hours. This innovative system is designed for speed and efficiency, and it has a disaster recovery feature in the event a network connection is interrupted. Yearly, new features are added to improve user ability, proficiency, and the overall user experience. This year,  self-service roster uploads were added as a new feature. Schools can now upload  student roster files as big as 10,000 students (or even larger) and have the students added to WebXam™ in real time to maximize efficiency.

WebXam™ serves a range of clients from education, workforce development, and credentialing. During the most recent year, 382, 850 tests were delivered and 174,899 users participated in online assessments through the WebXam™ service. Clients and sponsors provide proctored sites for higher stakes tests. CETE associates have expertise in psychometrics, facilitation, user support, and technology. This proficiency allows us to work with select sponsors to design and develop criterion-referenced assessments, establish cutoff scores, set up score report formats, and revise assessments based on analyses of testing data.

Project Contact Dr. Bridget McHugh

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John H. Barr
John H. Barr
Buckeye Career Center
“I am writing to let you know that the staff at WebXam™ has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping me get our system ready to do testing. They are by far an exceptional group of people! … Our database was in complete disarray. We had over 2,700 students listed in our active file. It took dozens of calls and emails to the WebXam™ crew to get my head around the whole situation. In time and with lots of help from “the Columbus crew”… everything came together. … Many, many thanks to the WebXam™ staff.”