Assessment Consultation Services

We offer several services that fall outside the scope of item writing. These services can be provided for clients who have the capacity to design and execute assessment systems on their own, or have already created items with help from CETE. Our experts use strategic approaches to provide guidance on the initial development stages of creating an assessment, advisement on best practices of assessment administration, and use advanced statistical analyses to highlight how assessments can be revised.

Several of our services can provide structure to the early stages of the item writing process. For clients seeking accreditation, we provide information and documentation on how clients can create an assessment that meet the technical standards of accrediting bodies. This includes assuring usability in employment and education settings, using task verification surveys to generate test plans and blueprints, and assisting on certification scheme development.

For clients that may not be seeking accreditation, we also offer customized solutions that follow best practices for assessment development. Services to help maintain and revise existing assessments, as well as establish cut scores and provide validity evidence are offered.

Our Assessment program associates are well versed in conducting required statistical analyses of item banks and performance assessments required by accrediting bodies. For clients not seeking accreditation, our associates are experienced in conducting item analyses to determine how already implemented assessments can be revised.

Project Contact Dr. Bridget McHugh

Assessment Consultation Services

American Association of Medical Audit Specialists conducting an item review combined with validation & standard-setting for a certification item bank