Parent Mentors Oversight and Professional Development Project

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recognizes the critical need for supporting and honoring families as the primary caregivers and educators of children. This crucial role, from birth into adulthood, is challenging for families, and the challenges are often compounded for families of children with disabilities.  The state of Ohio developed a multi-tiered system of support, the Parent Mentors Oversight and Professional Development Project, over 30 years ago to offer a supportive peer relationship and to promote understanding of local resources for families of students with disabilities.  Employed by districts, Parent Mentors collaborate to form strong partnerships between families and schools.  The primary structure for providing state-wide supports are the State Support Teams (SSTs) in 16 regions.  Parent Mentors work alongside SSTS to provide the families of students with disabilities consistent, strong, and free support.  Center Associates support the professional development of Parent Mentors through coaching and targeted services and supports in collaboration with ODE. The regional structure builds upon the existing broad system of supports for families.  

Stay up to date on resources and news by visiting Ohio’s Parent Mentor website, following the project on Twitter, and by contacting CETE-ParentMentor@osu.edu to be added to the mailing list. 

Funded by: Ohio Department of Education

Project Contact: Dr. Gabrielle Johnson

Current Award Total: $527,167

Parent Mentors Oversight and Professional Development Project

Caregivers of children with disabilities signing Individualized Education Program (IEP) paperwork.