Collaborating with Families for Innovative School Mental Health

Bachman, H. F., Cunningham, P. D., & Boone, B. J. (2024). Collaborating with Families for Innovative School Mental Health. Education Science, 14(3), 336. https://doi.org/10.3390/educsci14030336


In this study, a comprehensive narrative literature review is presented, examining the cross-section between family engagement and student mental health. Guided by two research questions and grounded in resiliency theory, the overlapping spheres of influence framework, and the literature on protective factors and positive childhood experiences, this study unveiled five primary themes: emphasizing the importance of educators promoting supportive relationships at home, engaging families in building teacher–student connections, collaborating to establish routines and rituals, nurturing a sense of belonging at home and at school, and fostering collaborative problem solving and self-regulation. These themes are illuminated through practical vignettes. This study guides school-based mental health practitioners and educators and provides a roadmap for future research in family–school partnership for enhancing student well-being.