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From development and delivery to technical assistance, our team is well equipped to address your assessment needs. CETE staff members develop reliable and valid instruments to measure job knowledge, skills, and work competencies for students and employees. Using specifications created from a practice or occupational analysis, content standards regulated by a governing body, or other provisions, we guide the creation of a repository of item banks for personnel selection and credentialing (certification and licensing) as well as measuring competency attainment in career-technical education.

Assessment Development

Our experience includes the development of statewide objective- and performance-based assessments for educational programs related to a wide array of careers as well as personnel selection and credentialing. The assessments that our center develops are written, revised, and validated by subject matter experts facilitated by trained staff.

Online and Paper-and-pencil Assessment Delivery

Although we can design and administer or host assessments online or in the paper-and-pencil format, an online assessment system offers advantages, such as increased security for assessment and student information, immediate feedback, and reporting options. WebXam™ is our secure online assessment tool. Currently, it is used to administer statewide exams that measure knowledge associated with Ohio's Career-Technical Education (CTE) and College Tech Prep (CTP) programs. WebXam™ also hosts exams for certification programs nationwide.

Assessment Consultation Services

We offer consultation on the development, administration, and maintenance of assessment systems for clients who have the capacity to design and execute assessment systems on their own. Our experts assist clients by providing information and strategic approaches that aid in avoiding potential pitfalls and in achieving maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and validity from their evaluation processes.

Alignment of Standards and Assessments

We appraise and recommend industry-based standards and assessments to provide advice to clients. CETE staff members can develop customized solutions using such criteria as marketability and recognition, alignment to curriculum, technical quality of the standards or certification assessments, usability in employment or educational settings, and the benefits and potential consequences of using certifications.

Assessment Professional Development

Assessment literacy is valuable for many professionals involved in assessment for credentialing, personnel selection, or competency diagnosis. We offer workshops around best practices in the development and interpretation of assessments. The Test Development Workshop is our flagship program in teaching others how to create tests of occupational knowledge and skill. Our various professional development programs can be customized and delivered to fit your needs. Our professional development programs can be customized and delivered to fit your needs.