Wesley Owens Joins the Center as a Dedicated Advocate for Family Engagement

Written by Marcie Kamb, July 17, 2023

Wesley Owens joins the Center on Education and Training Employment’s (CETE) Family Engagement program, home to the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center, a renowned institution specializing in family, school, and community engagement. He will serve as a Family Engagement Research Associate, showcasing his passion for empowering families and fostering effective partnerships between families and schools.

Wesley takes the lead in providing research-based professional development for out-of-school personnel and other family-facing professionals. Having previously worked with youth and families in various settings, including recreation, sports, and schools, Wesley is well-versed in the diverse needs and challenges families may experience today.

Wesley’s educational background is equally impressive. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Coaching and Management, as well as a Master of Arts degree in Sports Management, both earned from The Ohio State University. In addition, he has obtained licensure in Health Education and Physical Education from Otterbein University, further enhancing his ability to support the holistic development of children.

Wesley Owens serves as a Family Engagement Research Associate for CETE’s Family Engagement program.

Before joining CETE, Wesley dedicated seven years to teaching Physical Education to students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade. During this time, he not only helped students improve their physical skills but also played a vital role in their social and emotional growth. His commitment to fostering a positive environment was further evident in his role as an enrollment coordinator and community liaison for two years, where he forged valuable connections with families and community partners.

When asked about his new role on the Family Engagement team, Wesley expressed his enthusiasm for instructing and supporting school program administrators, teachers, and staff. While he previously educated children, he is energized by the possibilities of the new opportunity to educate and empower adults, further amplifying the impact he can make on education.

Wesley’s dedication and passion extend beyond his professional life. He enjoys serving in his church, engaging in fitness and sports activities, exploring the great outdoors, hosting game nights with friends, and delving into the world of literature. His commitment to personal growth and continuous learning is evident in his certifications in Personal Training and Group Exercise and Fitness through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

As Wesley joins The Ohio State University (OSU) community, this time as a professional instead of a student, he is thrilled to contribute to the field of education at one of the nation’s leading universities. The collaborative environment and emphasis on innovation and excellence at OSU align perfectly with Wesley’s vision for creating meaningful change in the realm of family engagement.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Wesley can be found enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking, engaging in various sports, immersing himself in captivating books, and constantly seeking new avenues for personal growth and learning.

CETE welcomes Wesley Owens and looks forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly bring to the field of family, school, and community engagement. With his expertise, dedication, and genuine passion for empowering families, Wesley is poised to be a driving force in building stronger family-school partnerships and transforming the lives of children across Ohio.