The Center on Education and Training for Employment Takes the Stage with Prestigious International e-Learning Award

The Go Digital Training Collection consists of four online modules designed to help educators and trainers enhance the quality of their online instruction and training.

Written by Marcie Kamb, Ana-Paula Correia, Alicia Willis, and Adrienne Boggs
November 9, 2023


Due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it became evident that many learning and development professionals, trainers, and educators were facing difficulties transitioning from traditional, in-person learning to the online world. They were thrown into this transition with little to no support and captive audiences. The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) decided to draw upon two decades of experience in delivering online education and share the wealth of knowledge and best practices to support and empower fellow educators in their online learning endeavors. CETE harnessed the potential of its award-winning team of learning designers and created the Go Digital Training Collection, a meticulously crafted curriculum that has been a game-changer for educators and trainers looking to take their online teaching and training to new heights. This four-part online learning module collection supports the design, development, and delivery of online learning. It provides interactive resources, just-in-time tips, and tricks to get the job done and the learners engaged.


The end-users of the Go Digital Training Collection were not the only ones who were impressed by the content, interactivity, and ingenuity of the modules. The International E-Learning Association awarded CETE with the bronze ribbon in the E-Learning Experience category of the 2023 International E-Learning Awards. These awards recognize the best uses of technology to improve learning and job performance within companies or through individual professional development. The 2023 award winners were announced during the awards ceremony in Madrid, Spain, at the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning in September 2023. CETE is listed as one of the 2023 Winners for the Academic Division.

While creating the modules in the Go Digital Training collection, the designers kept the concepts to be taught in mind to ensure that they used the modules as examples of what they were introducing to the learning participants. One of the key strengths of CETE’s online learning modules is the positive user experience they provide. Designed with a focus on learner engagement, the modules captivate participants with interactive elements such as multimedia content, simulations, and quizzes. The modules boast an intuitive and user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless navigation, allowing learners to progress through the content effortlessly.

Knowing that learning and development professionals, trainers, and teachers have limited time to focus on their own learning, the CETE learning design team created a series of modules to be completed anytime, anywhere, using any digital device. The modules are 1-2 hours and can be completed in even smaller segments of time.

The Go Digital Training Collection includes four asynchronous learning modules to guide learners who are interested in taking their in-person learning online. Each module provides valuable content and examples, including expert-curated resources that can be used as users begin to transform their in-person training into an online learning experience.

CETE was awarded with the bronze ribbon in the E-Learning Experience category of the 2023 International E-Learning Awards by the International E-Learning Association

The modules are organized around different topics to accommodate the fact that users may spend more time designing instruction, while others may primarily deliver instruction, and still others may need to focus more on determining and monitoring learner progress.


The first module, Making Training Virtual, provides a brief overview of online learning and the tools that can be used to transition in-person training to online and virtual formats. The second module, Designing Instruction for Distance and Online Learning, gives a brief overview of the differences in types of learning, pacing, and online interactions, as well as how to develop a community of learners, microlearning units, and online educational activities that are engaging and well-aligned. The third module, Delivering Instruction for Distance and Online Learning, walks the user through designing instruction for distance and online learning. The fourth module, Monitoring and Evaluating Progress for Distance and Online Learning, introduces different types of assessment and examples of assessment for monitoring and evaluating progress in distance and online learning.

Congratulations to the Go Digital Training Collection development team: Sean Hickey, Ana-Paula Correia, Patricia Hughes-Fitzgerald, Alicia Willis, and Adrienne Boggs.


This collection and receipt of the award is a testament to CETE’s expertise in learning design, knowledge on how people learn, and the ability to translate the knowledge into how the user will apply the skills into their work. The Center continues to commit to providing innovative and transformative educational experiences in the digital age.


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