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A successful year for Ohio’s CTE Assessment System: Pathway Testing Project

The statewide testing system, dating back to 1995, was built and operated by CETE for the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Career-Technical Education. Since 2009, we have moved the focus of these content-valid tests of achievement to the pathway rather than the specialization level.

The changing landscape of high school equivalency assessments

In keeping with the mission of the Ohio Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) Professional Development Network (PDN), the PDN team has been building expertise in the content, complexity, and format of the new high school equivalency (HSE) exams in preparation for the creation and delivery of professional development and resource support for Ohio’s adult education professionals as they prepare students to succeed in achieving the updated credentials. Increased demand for testing opportunities, organizational reshuffling, and new standards have led to a more competitive marketplace for publishers and testing companies.

Ohio revises ABLE Teacher Professional Development standards

To help ensure quality and consistency among Ohio Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) programs, program staff members operate under a uniform set of standards. While recognizing variability in practice and structure among programs, a fundamental set of practitioner standards helps to guide the work of administrators, teachers, and support staff.

Evidence-centered design (ECD) of tests

Evidence-centered design (ECD) refers to a model for developing tests in which validity is co-developed as an argument to support score interpretations. The ECD paradigm is an important way to conceptualize test creation and validation simultaneously rather than sequentially.

CETE’s Austin and Mahlman will deliver workshop at IPAC preconference

James Austin, PhD, and Robert Mahlman will present Test Construction Principles & Practices preconference workshop at the International Personnel Assessment Council Conference on July 20–23, 2014, in Denver.

Ohio Pathway Testing Project

These are some milestones of a CETE project to redesign the testing system for high school students in career-technical education (CTE). Beginning in 2008-09, CETE project teams worked with instructors across the state to develop about 35 pathway tests (> 15,000 items) across Ohio career fields (see the table below for Ohio Career Fields and the closest national Career Cluster). The sponsor is the Ohio Department of Education, Office of CTE (ODE-CTE) and a close collaborator is the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR).

WebXam Serves Thousands of Students in 20 States

Since 2001, CETE has operated WebXam™, Ohio's secure, web-based system for the delivery, data tracking and reporting of assessments designed to measure technical knowledge and skill attainment.

Ohio Teaching Professions Pathway: Webxam Portfolio Rating System

The use of alternative assessment systems has grown with the creation of new career fields and pathways. Such growth places a premium on data collection to support such innovations. CETE staff, supported by the Ohio Department of Education, recently created an online portfolio rating system to support the Education and Training Career Field, Teaching Professions Pathway. This pathway supports secondary students interested in exploring the teaching profession.