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CETE Silent Auction Benefits Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Each year, CETE staff gather to celebrate the end of year holidays and hold a silent auction where we bid on items donated by our staff members. This year, the silent auction raised a total of $1,040 for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Our donation was delivered on double donation day (December 13), thus, the total amount given was $2,080! We are thrilled to support such a worthy cause in our community.

CETE Contributes to Field of Adult Education at Regional Conference

Last month, CETE staff helped organize, volunteer, and present at the Coalition on Adult Basic Education/Ohio Association for Adult and Continuing Education (COABE/OAACE) Regional Institute in Cleveland. As board members for OAACE, CETE staff members Jody Angelone, Adrienne Boggs, and Bobbie Sin contributed significant time and effort into making this conference a success. Additionally, Jody Angelone, the Vice President for Membership for COABE, coordinated efforts to make the conference a joint event between COABE and OAACE.

CETE Staff Member & Colleagues Develop a Tool to Evaluate Learning Technology

One of CETE's Instructional Development Specialists, Cara North, has co-developed a tool to help people evaluate what technology should and should not be implemented in their workplace or school. Think about all of those computers, tablets, software packages, and smart technologies that employers and schools spend precious resources on. This new tool, which is named Context Pilot and Reporting (CPR), helps to answer questions such as: Who will be using this technology? What will it look like? What will it cost over time? And who will train staff to use it?

CETE Assessment Services Gears up for Another Year of Test Item Development Workshops for Ohio Courses

Each year, CETE offers item-writing workshops and technical assistance to support the development of end-of-course tests for the Ohio Departments of Education and Higher Education.

Last year, as a result of this work, Ohio administered tests to over 100,000 students. Over 250 subject-matter experts provided input during CETE workshops for the development of those tests, and over 1,000 people participated in reviewing and validating the tests.

This year, CETE staff will deliver workshops for subject matter experts from around the state to create more than 20 end of course exams for the field of Information Technology and 1 end of course exam for the field of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Webinar: Reviving Family Engagement with Universal Design for Learning

Want to learn more about Universal Design for Learning? Need to brush up on research-based family engagement practices? CETE Program Director Barbara Boone will present a webinar on October 11, 2017 with Ron Rogers from the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI). In the live webinar, "How can UDL Revive our Family Engagement," they will share the basic concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and offer ideas for using multiple means of engagement, representation and expression to give fresh perspectives on the opportunities schools create for families to support student learning. With these two dynamic presenters, it is sure to be a great webinar! Sign up today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5555628128228139522

DACUM Welcomes Beekeeper Panel

CETE was abuzz earlier this year when a group of eight beekeepers participated in a DACUM workshop. According to Denise Ellsworth, Ohio State Extension, the panel of beekeepers from Ohio and West Virginia brought a combined total of nearly 200 years of beekeeping experience!

CETE Partners with Southern Ohio Regions and EHE Faculty Research Partners to Offer Professional Development for Teachers

During the 2016-2017 school year, CETE staff partnered with the Ohio Department of Education’s southern Ohio regional teams to offer a professional development class for early childhood education teachers titled, “Partnering with Families to Support Early Literacy.” In coordination with State Support Team representatives from each region, CETE staffer Dr. Barbara Boone lead 4 day-long class sessions that covered topics for teachers such as Communication with Families, Adopting a Growth Mindset, and Family Engagement to Support Early Literacy. Teachers who took the class developed and implemented a project with families at their school and presented the results on the last day of class in May. Drs. Boone and Wellman from CETE have partnered with an EHE faculty member, Dr. Laurie Katz, and graduate student Ruba Hamam to incorporate a research study that tracks changes in teachers’ efficacy, knowledge, and practices.

CETE Building Renovation Means Professional Space for Kenny Rd Area

Spring is a time for renewal. At CETE this year, Spring meant a substantial renovation of our building. If you walk by you might see glistening new windows, and a casual walk through the building will reveal a new entry space for guests, new flooring, trim, signage, and fresh paint. The new windows are double-paned and glazed for more energy efficiency, and will keep out drafty winter winds. Along with new windows, there are new exterior doors with keycard entry. The new floors are a durable laminate, easy to keep clean and fresh looking, and should last for a long time. And last but not least, we always want to put our best foot forward and to show our Buckeye pride! Our new color scheme is consistent with OSU’s branding, with red and gray accent colors to spark imagination and energy. In total, the renovation makes our building shine, with professional hallways and rooms ready for all the various groups that walk through our doors every day. This renovation was jointly funded by the College of Education and Human Ecology and the OSU Facilities, Operations, and Development (FOD) Department. We are so grateful to those who worked hard to see this project through. We invite you to stop by and see our newly renovated building this Fall!

CETE Staff Member Receives Commendation from the Correctional Education Association

Susan Nell, a Research Specialist at CETE, recently received a commendation from the Correctional Education Association in recognition for her Dedication, Effort, and Support of the CEA Executive Office. To learn more about Susan’s work as a Corrections Career Technical Education Resource Specialist, go to https://cete.osu.edu/projects/corrections. Way to go, Susan!

CETE Staff Facilitate Networking Event for Adult Basic Education Professionals

The Ohio Aspire Professional Development Network (PDN) is a collaboration of content experts, trainers, and researchers who deliver and support evidence-based, high-quality, and effective in‐service professional development in areas of importance to nearly 1,000 Ohio Aspire professionals.