Unlocking Innovation: Insights from CETE Scholars at Annual Research Forum

Written by Marcie Kamb, March 20, 2024


The annual Research Forum hosted by the College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) showcased the diverse and impactful contributions of the Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) scholars, aligning closely with the college’s mission. Over 100 presentations were featured, fostering collaboration among faculty, postdocs, research scientists, and students at all levels.

Zack Batsaikhan shares insights from his research on generative AI and intelligent tutoring systems with Drs. Correia and Johnson.

CETE’s presence was particularly notable, with scholars presenting on an array of topics, such as parental beliefs and adolescent values, the evolution of intelligent tutoring systems, and the CETE translational research model. These presentations highlighted the center’s commitment to translating research into practical insights for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers.

One of CETE’s Ph.D. students, Batzaya (Zack) Batsaikhan, reflected on the forum as a valuable platform for budding researchers, citing his own experience presenting on generative AI and intelligent tutoring systems. Dr. Gabrielle Johnson, along with other scholars, emphasized CETE’s innovative approach to translational research, bridging the gap between research results and community impact.

The college’s focus on five foundational pillars, including early childhood, health, economic vitality, global and local engagement, urban and rural education, and STEAM education, underpinned the diverse range of research presented at the forum. These pillars guide the college’s efforts in enriching student education and fostering partnerships.

Traci Lepicki, Kate Fergus, and Drs. Dave Julian, Melissa Ross, Gabrielle Johnson presented on CETE’s approach to translational research and showcased several projects that exemplified it. “It was such an honor to attend the EHE Research Forum and present to a new audience on CETE’s innovative and systematic approach to translational research.

Traci Lepicki, Kate Fergus, and Drs. Dave Julian, Melissa Ross, and Gabrielle Johnson presented CETE’s approach to translational research

The work of our center associates is building a bridge between the publication of traditional research results and the capacity building of change agents within affected communities. In line with EHE’s mission, CETE’s refined approach to translational research is advancing knowledge and skills across a variety of disciplines to enhance the communities we serve on campus, in Ohio, across the US and around the world. I could not be more excited to play my part in building this bridge.”

Dr. Dorinda J. Gallant, associate professor in the quantitative research, evaluation and measurement program in the Department of Educational Studies, delivered an inspiring keynote, urging researchers to be mindful of bias and to hold themselves and their colleagues accountable in their approach to research. Her message underscored the importance of ethical and inclusive research practices.

Overall, the Research Forum provided a platform for CETE and the college to showcase their commitment to translational research and community engagement. Interested in collaborating with CETE on translational research efforts? Contact cete@osu.edu.