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Ohio revises ABLE Teacher Professional Development standards

To help ensure quality and consistency among Ohio Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) programs, program staff members operate under a uniform set of standards. While recognizing variability in practice and structure among programs, a fundamental set of practitioner standards helps to guide the work of administrators, teachers, and support staff.

Conceptual DACUM workshops for emerging occupations

As companies expand their products or services and create new positions or as community colleges add new programs to train students to meet emerging local workforce needs, developers of training programs or curricula may need to conduct an analysis for a job that does not exist. We recommend employing a conceptual DACUM workshop in which a facilitator leverages a panel of experts who conceptualize, predict, or forecast the future based on what they know about the job or occupational area.

School counselors and school and community partnerships

School officials are often called upon to develop school and community partnerships to address significant youth development issues. A research and development team of CETE staff within the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University has begun the process of developing a curriculum to train school counselors to manage school and community partnerships.

Evidence-centered design (ECD) of tests

Evidence-centered design (ECD) refers to a model for developing tests in which validity is co-developed as an argument to support score interpretations. The ECD paradigm is an important way to conceptualize test creation and validation simultaneously rather than sequentially.

Best practices for coaching early childhood professionals

Best practice has been a topic of great concern and interest in the field of early childhood education. The early childhood Quality network (ecQ-net), at CETE, offers a state-wide mentoring and coaching framework with the mission and vision of providing support to early childhood professionals in their delivery of developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant, and inclusive practices that all work to support the ambiguous understanding of best practice.

CETE advances fuel cell education and training

CETE is engaged in the Great Lakes Fuel Cell Education Partnership, which is focused on aggregating and evaluating innovative solutions for advancing fuel cell education and training, researching and defining essential technical skills to advance workforce development, and serving as a clearinghouse to share proven curriculum materials. As an external evaluator led by James Austin, PhD, CETE supports these goals through a three-tiered evaluation framework of outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

DACUM delivers the right training to Emerson Network Power

CETE’s Robert Norton, PhD, and John Moser used Developing A Curriculum (DACUM) with Emerson Network Power to precisely identify the job tasks and duties as the basis for training customer engineers. Training Magazine features their work.

CETE evaluates prenatal eclass

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services have awarded $396,000 to David Julian, PhD, and the CETE evaluation team for their Evaluation of Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Prenatal Curriculum project. The team members designed a formal, state-of-the-art evaluation study to gain insight into the impact of an online training program called InJoy Understanding Birth eClass.

CETE receives funding for automated materials joining project

CETE Director Robert Mahlman received $212,500 of an anticipated $399,500 from the Ohio Department of Education for the Automated Materials Joining Technologies (AMJT) project: 2014–2015. The AMJT project is a series of courses for secondary career-technical students in Ohio on the advanced manufacturing process of automated materials joining.

CETE-supported Math Coaching Program is awarded $2.8 million

The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology Department of Teaching and Learning’s Patti Brosnan and Azita Manouchehri have received $2.8 million from the Ohio Department of Education to continue the Mathematics Coaching Program (MCP) for a 10th year. The MCP provides training to experienced teachers who work as full-time mathematics coaches. The coaches team up daily in six-week rotations with teachers in their classrooms to assist in implementing research-based strategies that help K–12 students learn mathematics.