Great Lakes Fisheries Science Training Workshop for Undergraduates: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Effectively managing and sustaining the nation’s valued recreational and commercial fisheries requires a diverse workforce that is skilled in both fisheries ecology and quantitative methods.  It is essential that our next generation of fishery scientists have a strong foundation in ecology, are well-versed in quantitative modeling, and perhaps, most importantly, have the capacity to understand how to use these their skills to ask and answer the questions most vital to ensuring fisheries and ecosystem sustainability.  The long-term goal of the project is to promote the recruitment of a diverse group of ecologically-oriented and quantitatively-skilled undergraduate students into fisheries graduate programs and eventually into fisheries science, management, or conservation careers.  The workshop will consist of knowledge sessions, hands-on modeling laboratories, field excursions, lab-based fisheries skills sessions, interactive professional development sessions, and career showcases.  Our Associates are leading the design and implementation of the evaluation of this workshop. 

Project Contact: Dr. Gabrielle Hicks

Great Lakes Fisheries Science Training (FiST) Workshop for Undergraduates

Fishery scientist pulling net of fish into boat.