Aspire Professional Development Network

Since 1995, we have provided leadership and coordination of statewide adult education activities in collaboration with the state Aspire office at the Ohio Department of Higher Education, local programs, and a network of professional development providers. We use a process of continuous improvement to realign to the state Aspire office strategic goals and priorities, ensuring that activities align with the best interest of Aspire programs and adult learners throughout Ohio. 
We partner with Kent State University to assist local Aspire programs in developing the skills and knowledge of their staff in order to increase the successful transition of students to postsecondary education, training, and employment. Our associates analyze, design, develop, and  implement training programs aligned to academic content, staff, and professional development standards for Ohio Aspire professionals.
Project Contact Adrienne Boggs
Karyn J. Evans
Karyn J. Evans
Dean of the Adult Opportunity Center in Institutional Advancement at Southern State Community College
“Thank you so much for including me in the Administrator Standards Meeting. Although it was mentally taxing work, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the team. It was one of the best things I have participated in with the PDN [Professional Development Network]. I will look forward to following the next steps and I appreciate all that you did to make the event happen.”