Advancing Ohio's English Learners

Our Advancing Ohio’s English Learners (AOEL) project is designed to create a comprehensive system of supports for English learners and their families whose school learning and engagement have been negatively impacted during the coronavirus pandemic.  This project is intended to address the learning loss that resulted from the pandemic.  It is clear that the need for this support existed prior to the pandemic.  It is equally clear that the pandemic exacerbated the existing need and increased the academic achievement gap between English learners and non-English learners.  This project offers the opportunity to support district and school personnel in their efforts to continue to make improvements in the capacity to effectively address the unique needs of English learners.  This project is grounded in our commitment to serving marginalized populations in a manner that focuses on acknowledging and addressing the negative impacts of current inequities with a keen eye on addressing the intersections of inequity and education. 

Funder The Ohio Department of Education 

Award Total: $3,500,000

For more information contact  Dr. Melissa Ross.

A multi-lingual learner presents her work to classmates.