Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Design (SCID) Workshops

Dates for 2024 SCID Workshop

  •  March 11-15, 2024

About this Learning Experience

Our SCID workshop is a follow-on program to the Developing a Curriculum (DACUM) training. It picks up where DACUM leaves off and teaches you how to develop a competency-based curriculum or training program using the ADDIE instructional design model as the framework.  Participation in the DACUM training is not a prerequisite, but those who take both courses usually take DACUM first.

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to develop competency-based instructional materials such as verification surveys, task analysis, competency profiles, learning guides, job aids, curriculum guides, and lesson plans.  Individual work and group instruction are supplemented with instructor feedback to make it a truly “hands-on” learning experience.


4.5 days (ends at noon on Friday)


Included in this learning experience

  • Instruction on the activities involved in the analysis phase of program development including procedures for training needs assessment, task analysis, and task verification
  • Small-group interaction and hands-on activities to create training program plans, including guidance on identifying existing resources, determining training modality, and developing assessment techniques
  • Extensive one-on-one mentoring and coaching
  • Practical application of the SCID methodology to develop the primary elements of instructional resources, including learning objectives, performance measures, instructional media, and learning guides under the guidance of an experienced facilitator
  • The SCID Handbook is packed full of practical guidance and information on developing competency-based learning
  • Templates and handouts to use in developing course materials
  • Lunch

Hotel Information

Project Contact John Moser


Gabby McDermott
Gabby McDermott
Western Iowa Technical Community College
“The examples, instructor feedback and the hands-on activities such as completing a task analysis, developing learning objectives and learning guides this course provided was very beneficial to me. I am very glad to have participated. I learned a lot from this training.”