Skilled Trades Professional Development Program

Our center serves as the technical lead in an effort to modernize job classifications and career progressions for current and future facilities personnel at Ohio State. This is a university-wide project that engages with:

  • College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Athletics
  • Division of Business and Finance
  • Facilities Operations and Development
  • Office of Student Life
  • OSU Lima
  • OSU Mansfield
  • OSU Marion
  • OSU Newark
  • Wexner Medical Center

In the initial phases of the project, our associates:

  • defined the body of knowledge for all new classification series and job titles;
  • customized our approach to job analysis, including additional task analysis, knowledge-skill-ability identification, and linkage as well as verification through real-time data collection using iPads and electronic survey software;
  • created online and performance assessments to aid in job classification and training plan development;
  • partnered with technical curriculum and training providers to deliver skilled trades coursework;
  • created on-the-job training manuals and supported Ohio State trainers in implementing real-time, hands-on, practical work-based learning;
  • developed the infrastructure and operating procedures to support a one-of-a-kind training system; and
  • evaluated the work to support program improvement.

In the current phase of the project, our associates offer online occupational knowledge and skill assessments, proctored testing sessions, customized reporting, and ongoing technical assistance in support of career progression for Ohio State facilities personnel.

Funded by The Ohio State University Facilities Services Departments

Project Contact Traci Lepicki

Desiree Weber
Desiree Weber
Senior Business Operations Analyst, Ohio State’s Facilities Operations and Development Operations
“We are fortunate to work with The Center on Education and Training for Employment because the team has such a breadth of knowledge. Due to the complexity of our project, it would have required the resources of multiple external consultants to meet our needs.  Fortunately, our project has been able to tap into different areas [of the center] to meet our needs and they have all been very proactive in anticipating and responding to our needs.  We couldn’t ask for better partner and are lucky to have a very highly skilled, very dedicated team.”