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Anti-Human Trafficking Evaluations for The Salvation Army of Central Ohio and Greater Cincinnati

Funded by the Federal Office for Victim’s of Crime (OVC), the anti-human trafficking projects aim to address gaps in services for identifying and supporting survivors of human trafficking in Ohio. The Salvation Army serves as a coordinator of a comprehensive service model in multiple Ohio regions. They interact with law enforcement, court systems, mental health and drug addiction service agencies, translation services, physical health services, legal aid services, and more. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the program is meeting stated goals and objectives.

Our Role

CETE’s Results Management Team has served as the evaluator for The Salvation Army’s anti-human trafficking efforts for two OVC grants in Columbus, and for one OVC grant in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. This work entails development of an evaluation plan, working with The Salvation Army staff to create evaluation outcome measures, reliability and validity tracking of evaluation measurement tools, data analysis and reporting, and working with The Salvation Army staff to ensure that progress is being made throughout the course of the grant.