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About this Learning Experience

Ohio’s Professional Development Institute (PDI) assists individuals on the Alternative Resident Educator pathway. If seeking an Ohio five year professional teaching license, an individual who holds a valid Statement of Eligibility for an Alternative Resident Educator license or an Alternative Resident Educator License issued by The Ohio Department of Education may register for the PDI. Three online, 24/7 accessible content modules present knowledge and skills about how to succeed in the classroom. It takes an estimated 150 hours to complete all three PDI online modules. Completion of all three online modules equals 12 semester hours (18 quarters) of coursework at a college or university. Each online module is a series of lessons with assessments to determine when an individual demonstrates mastery of the content. PDI offers knowledge and skills about how to collaborate with colleagues, evaluate data, plan and execute engaging lessons, and create assessments.

Full PDI Course

  • Cost: $2,500
  • Timeline: 1 year

Individual Modules

  • Cost: $950
  • Timeline: 16 weeks

PDI Syllabus

Project Contact
Dr. Belinda Gimbert

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Ohio’s Professional Development Institute