Ohio’s Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute

In conjunction with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), we offer Ohio’s Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute (IPTI) or Alternative Resident Educator Institute (AREI) as two options as part of a pathway for receiving an Ohio Alternative Educator License. Completion of one of these courses is required for an Alternative Educator License. Participation in IPTI or AREI requires a confirmation registration letter from ODE. Please visit ODE’s website for more information about the alternative license process. Additionally, for more information about IPTI or AREI, visit ipti.osu.edu.

Contact us at cete-lms@osu.edu

Project Contact Dr. Belinda Gimbert

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Gabby McDermott
Ohio’s Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute, 2019
“The IPTI [the training institute] helped me gain a more complete understanding of the education field and gave me the proper skills to become a better teacher in the future.”