Ohio Model Schools

The purpose of the Ohio Model Schools for Family Engagement project is to develop a pathway of support for Ohio LEAs to be better equipped and supported to collaborate effectively and inclusively with families of students with disabilities, and other families facing significant challenges, to support the whole child. LEAs who implement required, essential practices and systemic processes, will be designated as Ohio Model Schools for Family Engagement. The pathway makes available to the LEAs a set of services and supports that entail ongoing offerings for professional learning to build educator mindsets, skills and knowledge for engaging families, a statewide community of practice for family-facing professionals, and robust website with resources focused on special education family engagement and whole child family engagement supports, an annual virtual summit, and electronic periodicals for family engagement geared toward professionals and another toward families. These services and supports will also be accessible to other educators, community groups and families as a suite of opportunities they may choose from to support their efforts to inform and improve their family-school engagement efforts.

Funded by The Ohio Department of Education 

Project Contact Dr. Barbara Boone