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CETE Staffer Presents at OCTA Conference

CETE staff from Assessment Services presented to the Ohio Career Technical Administrators (OCTA) fall meeting.

Dr. James T. Austin gave a presentation entitled “WebXam Tips and Tricks” at a breakout session on October 11, 2018. The session was well-attended (approximately 45-55 local district administrators) and there were a few questions of note. For example, one participant requested Spanish-language assessments for increasing numbers of Hispanic CTE learners and another asked about the process for establishing scores that define Non-proficient, Proficient, and Advanced performance levels. Multiple participants indicated that they liked the new reports (courtesy of Richard Huggins), the quality of technical support (phones and emailed tickets), and the user administration interface with tools.

The Ohio Career-Technical Administrators (OCTA) Association is comprised of career-technical building and district administrators, supervisors, Ohio Department of Education personnel, and other officials associated with career-technical education. OCTA membership offers extensive professional development and networking opportunities throughout the calendar year. OCTA is affiliated with the Ohio Association of Career-Technical Educators, and is overseen by an executive board consisting of 30 members.

James Austin, Angela Stansell