Family Engagement Program Expands Capacity in Marketing and Engagement with Senay Daniel

Written by Marcie Kamb, June 5, 2024 

Senay Daniel recently joined the Center on Education and Training for Employment’s Family Engagement program as a Marketing Operations Specialist. With a wealth of experience and passion in business, information systems, and marketing, Daniel serves as a community advocate with a focus on disability and race, bringing a unique and valuable perspective to his new role.

Daniel’s illustrious career is marked by his contributions to diversifying the tech industry talent pools and helping to amplify marginalized voices at SmartLogic. By strategically targeting diverse pipelines and instituting inclusive processes, he has facilitated greater representation in the tech sector, notably through creating partnerships with Historical Black colleges and universities. His commitment to diversity is underscored by the troubling statistics from the Tech Report that only 26% of tech jobs are held by women and a mere 7.4% by Black individuals, underscoring the necessity of his efforts in creating more inclusive work environments.

In his new role at CETE with the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center, Daniel embraces the opportunity to empower children and bridge connections between families and schools, particularly within marginalized communities. He recognizes the profound importance of promoting equity and inclusivity, and he is enthusiastic about contributing to this mission in the online space. Daniel deeply values the collaborative spirit of his colleagues, learning from their diverse educational backgrounds and experiences working in the field of family engagement.

Daniel’s dedication extends to advocating for individuals with autism, a cause he holds close to his heart. The Center for Disease Control in 2023 indicates that one in 36 children are diagnosed with autism, and 85% of individuals with autism who hold college degrees are unemployed, a disparity Daniel is fervently dedicated to addressing. Beyond his professional achievements, Daniel is committed to leveraging his skills and personal mission to support the autistic community. Outside of work, he embarks on a personal journey of resilience and growth through sports, supporting Cleveland sports teams regardless of their performance, mindfulness, and relationships with family and friends.

Daniel graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in business and information systems. He later transitioned to consulting and serving as a fellow for Venture for America as well as co-founding a startup. His expertise, dedication, and genuine passion for empowering individuals make him a welcome addition to the Center on Education and Training for Employment team.