DACUM Resources

DACUM and SCID use a variety of resources. Following are examples of charts processes, and overviews you can access to orient yourself to the experience.

Uses and Types of DACUM Analysis

While DACUM is a structured analysis process, it is flexible enough to be a highly effective technique for identifying the duties and tasks across a wide variety of applications. Learn more about the Uses and Types of DACUM Analysis. 

Facilitator Process

This is a suggested guide for how facilitators organize their time during a 2-day DACUM Workshop.

Steps for a DACUM Panelist

Panelists engage in a 7 step process during a DACUM. This visual highlights the steps involved in the DACUM process. 

DACUM Overview

This document provides an overview of the purpose and benefits of a DACUM, how to use results, how to identify panelists, and steps for panelists to engage with during a DACUM.