Ohio Broadband & 5G Statewide Sector Partnership

In support of the Strengthening Ohio’s Broadband & 5G Workforce strategy, the Ohio Broadband & 5G Sector Partnership was established and housed at The Ohio State University’s 5G-OH Broadband and 5G Connectivity Center. The Partnership’s goals are to increase broadband and 5G industry career awareness, establish and scale education and training programs across the state, and raise awareness of state and federal funding programs to leverage those resources to reduce or eliminate education and training costs. To support the achievement of the stated goals, our associates serve on the Sector Partnership Management Team. The Management Team coordinates activities at the state and regional levels, managing projects through a working group structure focused on: curriculum and program development; outreach, marketing, and awareness; internship, apprenticeship, and entry-level employment; and data collection, analytics, and evaluation. Our associates inform the completion of deliverables across all working groups and lead the curriculum and program development working group.

Sponsor: Ohio Department of Higher Education/Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

Principal Investigator: Dr. Anish Arora

Co-PI: Traci Lepicki

Award Total: $5,998,666