Online Modules

We offer a flexible, self-paced model of online learning designed for the independent learner with a growth mindset. CETE online modules are asynchronous (does not take place in real time) and allow the learner to engage with pre and post self-knowledge checks, videos, and real-world scenario examples. These are designed to bring the content to life in a dynamic, flexible format without the constraints of a scheduled meeting time.

Learn at your own pace on topics ranging from competency-based education, assessment, job-analysis, to curriculum design. CETE online modules are based on learning design principles and learning theories and are created for you to apply new knowledge and skills to hands-on projects that showcase your expertise.

You will earn digital badges and non-credit academic certificates upon completion of the modules. Our non-credit academic certificates are designed for professionals who complete a minimum number of equivalent contact hours of online education modules with or without continuing education units (CEUs), in a select topic area.