The fields of workforce development, education, and community engagement are evolving in real time and and the center seeks to provide insightful leadership and translational research in all areas of work. Our center takes on initiatives that are aligned with our mission and vision to translating research into practices resulting in a prepared and effective workforce and healthy communities that support well-being and economic prosperity.

Racial justice
Right now is a critical time to pursue a holistic approach to equity, social justice, and inclusion. The center has developed the Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion movement designed to increase members of the CETE community’s knowledge and skills relevant to the posture and practice of cultural humility, identify and establish anti-racist norms, practices, and policies at CETE, and contribute to the dismantling of institutional racism within CETE’s spheres of influence. Explore professional development materials and resources to transform knowledge on these topics into meaningful action.

Learning experiences
Being at the forefront of new learning technologies and the learners’ growing needs allows the center to develop and redesign professional learning experiences. Our center offers a collection of educational resources through the newly expanded online learning catalog, countless workshops, conferences, and training programs for public and private sectors.

Go Digital Training Collection

Whether you’re creating your first online training or you’re a seasoned professional looking for the latest trends in digital instruction, Go Digital is for you.

Institutes, Workshops & Training Collections

We conduct thousands of state-of-the-art workshops, institutes, and now offer online training collections for both public and private sector professionals. Learning designers, educators, human services

Online Modules

We offer a flexible, self-paced model of online learning designed for the independent learner with a growth mindset. CETE online modules are asynchronous (does not

Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

THE MOVEMENT The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) committed to taking the center’s passion and expertise beyond our statement to stand against