Elijah Gardino

Elijah Gardino is an undergraduate student assistant at the Center of Education and Training for Employment (CETE) that joined in 2023. He assists Donna Smith, Bess Golowin and Janine Dotson in maintaining accounts receivable tracking. Elijah is interested in learning recordkeeping and accountancy through his position.
He is currently pursuing a B.A. in History and a minor in Professional Writing in the College of Arts & Sciences within The Ohio State University. His goal is to become a technical writer by creating documentation and gaining professional experiences by working with international teams. Elijah is also interested in creating training guides and learning tools to help junior and senior employees become more familiar with their roles. He has been featured by Ohio State’s Nisonger Center as a part of The Autism Experience Program (ACE).
Elijah was born in Columbus, Ohio, and enjoys traveling and meeting new people. From Illinois to Indonesia, Elijah has made friends across the globe. He enjoys spending his free time talking to his friends abroad to learn global perspectives. Elijah’s hobbies are reading philosophy, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and watching anime.