Beth Crawford

Beth Crawford, MA

Beth Crawford, MA, serves as a Program Manager across the Equity, Engagement and Evaluation, Curriculum and Training, Family Engagement, and Professional Learning programs and shares expertise from 25+ years of experience in health and human services. Her specific focus on collective approaches to achieving outcomes contributes to successful project management, community collaborations, data management, analysis, and visualization. Crawford has presented at local, regional, and national conferences and uses her professional platform to share translational research findings to improve public policies impacting family, youth, and community well-being.

Prior to her current role, Crawford earned a master’s in political science with a concentration in Public Administration from Ohio University and served as the director of the Franklin County Family and Children First Council. In this role, she developed and implemented several cross-system initiatives as well as a performance based contracting system. 

Crawford also serves as a proud member of CETE’s Steering Team for the Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) Movement, where she facilitates Affinity Groups among internal and external clients, analyzes data, and develops reports designed to drive program and policy improvements related to racial and social justice. REDI exists to increase members of the CETE community’s knowledge and skills relevant to the posture and practice of cultural humility, identify and establish anti-racist norms, practices, and policies at CETE, and contribute to the dismantling of institutional racism within CETE’s spheres of influence.

In her personal time, Crawford enjoys cheering on her teenage son at his baseball games, sharing tasting tips while delivering wine in the Meza Wine Wagon, and supporting the myriad of independent women’s businesses based in Westerville, Ohio.