You Have the Content. We Have the Tools. This Could Be the Start of a Beautiful Friendship.

Written by Marcie Kamb, August 27, 2020

The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) has tapped two of their most seasoned and highly credentialed learning and instructional designers,  Sean Hickey and Dr. Ana-Paula Correia to develop an online learning module to meet the needs of overwhelmed trainers, teachers, HR, and Learning and Development professionals across the globe. These professionals are now being asked to take their existing content and face-to-face experiences and translate them into an online setting often without the tools, knowledge, or understanding of where and how to begin.

“Cue the superhero music…” CETE to the rescue!

The Making Training Virtual online module provides curated tools and resources designed specifically for taking in-person learning experiences online. There are countless differences between how learning takes place online and how that learning is different from face to face instruction. This module breaks down the shift in perspective that occurs in how content is delivered and how the learner interacts with the content.

How do you motivate and engage learners in new ways online?

How can you measure the effectiveness of your instruction?

What are the cues to look for to see if learners have tuned out?

What are the advantages of a virtual learning environment?

This module answers these questions and more in less than two hours and for approximately the same cost ($35) as eight Starbucks lattes.

CETE associates have also taken this online module to build their capacity in the online training and teaching space, and it’s akin to a restaurant critic giving five stars to your dinner party. You know you have a good thing when your internal audience of critics in the industry approves.

Watch this video to learn more about this learning experience and register to get the start you need to take your content online.