It’s Women’s Work: Gender-Based Task Segregation Evidence in Job Analysis Survey Data

McHugh, B. C., Glerum, D. R., & Berenbon, R. F. (2023, April 19). It’s women’s work: Gender-based task segregation evidence in job analysis survey data [Poster presentation]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, United States.


Gender discrimination in the workplace is an ongoing problem, particularly in male-dominated professions, and may occur in the form of differential task assignment. Authors explored whether female environmental engineers are allocated less important tasks more often than their male counterparts using survey data from 1,637 environmental engineers. Participants rated 107 tasks on how frequently they are performed and how important they are to their job. Regression analyses revealed differences in task importance and frequency. Further, women were assigned less important tasks more frequently.