We understand that the fields of workforce development, education, and community engagement are evolving in real time and high quality resources are required. Our center offers a collection of educational resources and insightful leadership through its countless workshops, conferences, and training programs for public and private sectors. These have allowed us to develop and redesign professional learning experiences based on new learning technologies and the learners’ evolving needs. 

Online Learning

We offer a flexible, self-paced model of online learning designed for the independent learner with a growth mindset. CETE online modules are asynchronous (does not

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Institutes & Workshops

We conduct thousands of state-of-the-art workshops and institutes for both public and private sector professionals. Learning designers, educators, human services professionals, and trainers succeed with

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Expertise Briefs

Our associates’ expertise has been gathered in research briefs, reports, and white papers readily available at no cost. These open educational resources make learning affordable

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