Expertise Briefs

Our associates’ expertise has been gathered in research briefs, reports, and white papers readily available at no cost. These open educational resources make learning affordable and expand learners and workers’ educational horizons. Our expertise briefs translate research into practice and provide tangible relevant resources to inform professional practices.

Partnering with Families for Middle School Career Exploration

This paper is written by Ohio’s Statewide Family Engagement Center for school personnel who contribute to the career development of middle school students, grades 6 through 8. The strategies and tips contained in this brief can contribute to successful career outcomes of students…

Partnering with Families for Early Language and Literacy

This paper is written by Ohio’s Statewide Family Engagement Center for early childhood educators looking to improve their strategies for partnering with families for children’s language and literacy development. This is the second edition (July 2021)…

GrandUnderstandings: Nine Research-based Strategies for Educators Engaging Grandfamilies

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center created this research brief to increase educator’s awareness of grandfamilies. When implemented, the tips and strategies contained in this brief can increase home and school connections, a sense of belonging and the capacity of grandfamilies and educators….

Exemplars of Early Childhood Collaboration: Summary of Findings

This report was commissioned by The Ohio Head Start Collaboration Office to examine early childhood partnerships and opportunities for collaboration related to the desires, needs, assets, and barriers to assist in providing more targeted supports…

Partnering with Families for the Middle School Transition: Research-based Strategies for Middle-Level Educators

This research brief for teachers/counselors, handout for families, and set of tips for families by the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center were written to support family engagement during the transition to middle school … (Available in English, Spanish, Nepali, Somali, Chinese, & Arabic)

Current Issues & Trends in CTE Research

CTE, or Career and Technical Education, focuses on education, training, and skills development for a wide range of occupations as well as work-based learning, continuing education/training, and professional development … (Presented at 2019 Ohio State’s EHE Research Forum)

Establishing the Center on Education and Training for Employment as a Translational Research Center

The Ohio State University strategic plan, Time and Change, refers to pushing the boundaries of fundamental and translational research to solve societal challenges. The Center on Education and Training for Employment’s mission focuses on translating research into practices … (Presented at 2019 Ohio State’s EHE Research Forum)

Verification of Occupation/Job/Practice Analysis: What/Why?How?

Analyzing occupations, jobs, professional practice, and tasks aids in the development of work and worker requirements for multiple purposes. Among them are testing, job design, and training/curriculum development…

The Use of Job Analysis Data in Constructing Tests of Job Knowledge

We have developed and / or delivered tests of job or occupational knowledge for a wide variety of settings, from employment (for personnel selection, promotion, placement, and evaluating learning effectiveness or deficiencies) to education and workforce development…

Behavioral & Cognitive Strategies

One way our center associates conceptualize the importance of occupational information is as a form of intellectual property that accrues to the developer and maintainer. Thus, this occupational information is a platform for multiple stakeholders…

Voices From The Field (2019-2020): A Snapshot of Ohio’s Regional Supports for Family, School, and Community Engagement

The Center on Education and Training for Employment is a proud partner of the Ohio Department of Education’s, State Support Teams, working to enhance and expand family and community engagement in Ohio…