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Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development (SCID)

CETE's Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development (SCID) is a successful model for curriculum development customized to complement the needs of career and technical educators as well as business and industry trainers. SCID has five phases: design, development, implementation, evaluation, and 22 comprehensive components. SCID was devised to use information populated from DACUM to establish a systematic and rational process for developing competency-based instructional materials.

SCID is complementary to the DACUM workshop. DACUM is a quick, effective, relatively low-cost method of analyzing jobs and occupations. DACUM has been used worldwide for more than 40 years. SCID is a systematic process model used to develop curriculum and instructional materials required to train tomorrow’s workforce.

During a SCID workshop, a diverse assortment of techniques are used to provide hands-on opportunities to enhance a working knowledge, skill set, and behavioral process of the SCID method of instructional design. Individual and small group practical experiences establish application. Participants are able to efficiently learn the skills necessary to be successful on the job. SCID materials are suitable for secondary and postsecondary career and technical education, business and industry training, as well as local, state, and federal government training programs.

American Electric Power; American Powder Metal Institute; Children's Hospital, Louisiana; community colleges; Honda; Johnson & Wales University; Marathon Petroleum Company LP; NASA; Recreation Vehicle (RV) Dealers Association

Our Role

CETE's SCID team collaborates with our clients' personnel to leverage their expertise. Some areas of proficiency include curriculum, instruction, assessment, evaluation, and standards development. Our staff members direct their attention to the development and validation of standards and assessment systems for the expansion of SCID.

The learning takeaways from [SCID] will help the Mine Training Institute further our quest to produce the best technical training curriculum in our industry.

— Darrell Nielsen, Senior Supervisor-Curriculum Development, Freeport-McMoRan