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Regional Family-Community Engagement Network

The Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE’s) statewide support system consists of 16 regional State Support Teams (SSTs). These SSTs deliver a unified support system that meaningfully connects research-based processes to the work of early intervention and prevention, early learning and development, and special education functions with a focus on improving instructional practice and student performance on an ongoing basis.

SSTs provide designated staff contacts for specific areas as requested by the directors of the ODE, Office of Exceptional Children (OEC), Early Learning and School Readiness, and the Ohio Network for Innovation and Improvement. Family consultants are members of the SSTs who serve as resources to local education agencies (LEAs) and families for supporting the engagement of relatives of children with disabilities.

Overall, CETE’s coordination and management of the Regional Family-Community Engagement Network project is focused on:

  • improving the processes and outcomes of the family consultants by assisting in the development of regional, comprehensive plans for engagement of families and communities of students with disabilities
  • maximizing consultants’ roles and assisting them in establishing broad networks of support for referring families and educators to information, resources, and services for students with disabilities
  • building the knowledge and skills of family consultants through professional development opportunities
  • creating a cohesive and consistent quality of services of family consultants statewide
  • supporting the statewide system for families of students with disabilities through the development of effective communications and partnerships with Ohio’s parent mentors

Our Role

CETE’s Results Management Team works in collaboration with the Office for Exceptional Children at the Ohio Department of Education to provide resources and coordination for the SSTs’ family consultants. We offer webinars, facilitate meetings, enable communication and networking, and deliver expertise and resources for family engagement. The goal of all activities is to strengthen the family engagement work of the SSTs. Click here to view our Voices from the Field report from 2017.