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Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO)

The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO) is an organization that advocates the preservation and revitalization of American Indians and Alaskan natives living in Ohio. NAICCO focuses on services that promote American Indians' and Alaskan natives' values, rights, traditions, beliefs, identities, cultures, spiritualities, and overall wellness.

NAICCO created the Circle of Care program, designed to give specific tribes and urban Indian organizations a three-year grant to systematically identify and analyze community needs. This program provides funding to develop culturally appropriate strategies to accurately identify and serve young American Indians and Alaskan natives with acute behavioral and health challenges.

Strong efforts are underway to assess the needs, evaluate the data collected, and deliver a culturally relevant service designed to meet the needs of the Native American community. Specific services provided to the American Indian and Alaskan native community include produce market days, a food pantry, The Ohio Benefit Bank, a clothing pantry, White Bison talk circles for both men and women, and cultural classes.

Our Role

CETE staff members collaborate with NAICCO staff to leverage expertise, including evaluation. We assist in the development and validation of standards and assessment systems for NAICCO while preparing appropriate analysis for the identification of behavioral health assessments.