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Head Start Needs Assessment with the Ohio Department of Education

Ohio’s Head Start Collaboration Office (HSCO) exists “to facilitate collaboration among Head Start agencies…and entities that carry out activities designed to benefit low-income children from birth to school entry, and their families.” The needs assessment is premised on the notion that strong and collaborative relationships between local Head Start centers, other local early childhood education providers and local agencies serving families of young children will enhance outcomes for Ohio’s families and young children. Thus, the focus of the needs assessment is to understand needs, assets, barriers and desires related to partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. In addition, the needs assessment will provide a means to assess progress toward goals and outcomes specified in a 2012 needs assessment.

Our Role

CETE’s Results Management Team was commissioned to conduct a brief needs assessment and training sessions for the Ohio Head Start Collaboration Office at the Ohio Department of Education. For the needs assessment, CETE will be collecting data, analyzing needs assessment results, facilitating a meeting to understand results and draft recommendations with Head Start and their advisory board, and preparing a final report. In a second phase of this project, CETE will work with local Head Starts to develop a formal collaborative problem solving training focused on issues defined in the needs assessment. The trainings will develop their capacity to more effectively collaborate with other local early childhood education providers and local community agencies serving families of young children.