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DACUM is an effective and relatively low-cost method of analyzing jobs and occupations. DACUM has been offered worldwide for more than 40 years. CETE's unique program offers components that successfully support job and occupational analysis for organizations, including colleges, businesses, and companies in need of accurate information. DACUM is used for developing and modifying curriculum, preparing precise job descriptions, and making successful management decisions. Organizations from over 50 countries have participated in the DACUM process.

DACUM is a very effective process in which a panel of expert workers and a skilled facilitator precisely identify the duties and tasks performed by a successful workforce. The DACUM process for occupational analysis involves local men and women with reputations for being the top performers at their jobs, while working on a short-term committee assignment with a qualified DACUM facilitator. These highly functional workers become the panel of experts who collectively and cooperatively describe the occupation in the language that those within their industry can understand and embrace.

Uses for DACUM include management decision making, human resources and organizational development, career planning and advising, learner assessment, and certification and licensure. This proven process can be used for job, occupational, process, functional, and conceptual analyses.

AT&T; Boeing; Caterpillar; community colleges; Defense Logistics Agency; Discover Card Services; Dofasco, Inc.; Eastman Kodak, Ericsson, Inc.; General Electric; General Mills; General Motors; Honda; Internal Revenue Service (IRS); Kroger; Liebert; Limited Brands; Marathon Oil; Merck; Motorola, Inc.; NASA; Nationwide Financial; Ohio Department of Education; Ohio Department of Job and Family Services; Sobeys, Ontario; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; Toyota; U.S. Defense Supply Construction Centers

Our Role

CETE's DACUM team collaborates with our clients' personnel to leverage their continuing expertise and proficiency. Together with their insight and dedication, our staff members continue to provide effective quality products, services, and leadership promoting workforce development and a platform for success.

I personally have applied the DACUM methodology for the past 14 years in various environments and situations to address the world of work especially regarding skill standards and TVET training programs. I also have applied DACUM in establishing the skill qualification and certification system in Malaysia for various government agencies and departments.

— Jamalulil Bidin, DACUM Facilitator, NOSS Facilitator, Course of Study & Learning guide facilitator Malaysian Chapter