Research demonstrates that schools can increase family engagement to support learning by offering a comprehensive set of services and conditions designed to engage families as equal partners. We work with schools to customize a survey of their families to collect information on the following services and conditions: 1. Sharing information with families to support their children’s learning and development; 2. Creating two-way communication channels between home and school; 3. Providing high-quality instruction, high expectations, and meeting students’ individual learning needs; 4. Creating opportunities for families to participate in school planning, leadership and goal-focused volunteering; 5. Connecting families to in-school and community-support mechanisms and resources; 6. Providing a welcoming school climate. These perspectives provide district and building leadership teams with data to inform their school improvement planning.

Clients: Columbus City Schools; Canton Local Schools; Warrensville Heights City Schools

Our Role

CETE’s Results Management Team provides schools with an introductory online meeting, a customized survey, data entry and analysis, a data report, and a follow-up meeting to review the results and recommendations. For more about this service, email us at