Test Development Workshop

About this Learning Experience

This three-day learning experience will explore the topic of creating valid, reliable assessments of job-specific knowledge and skills. Discover the occupational tests that can be used for many personnel and education-related functions, training needs assessment or diagnosis, and individual certification and licensure. Learn systematic approaches to developing tests as well as the dangers of poorly designed assessments that may yield erroneous and damaging results leading to employee or candidate dissatisfaction, ineffective credentialing decisions, and possible exposure to litigation.


Three days

Face-to- face

Included in product

  • Rich Learning Content
  • Work Samples
  • Practical Application
  • Test Development
  • Agenda & Learning Objectives
  • Test Development Cycle
  • Ongoing expert facilitation
  • Handouts
  • Lunch

Project Contact Dr. Bridget McHugh

Click on the TV to play the award-winning eLearning game introducing you to mistakes commonly made when writing multiple-choice test items.