Ohio Teaching Professions Pathway: Webxam Portfolio Rating System

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The use of alternative assessment systems has grown with the creation of new career fields and pathways. Such growth places a premium on data collection to support such innovations. CETE staff, supported by the Ohio Department of Education, recently created an online portfolio rating system to support the Education and Training Career Field, Teaching Professions Pathway. This pathway supports secondary students interested in exploring the teaching profession. In Ohio, this program features one and two year programs that require students to prepare a portfolio matching a five-section rating rubric created by a panel of secondary teachers working with post-secondary partners (teacher educators). The five sections of the content standards and the rubric are I) Preparation for a Career in Education, II) Organizing Content Knowledge for Student Learning, III) Creating an Environment for Student Learning, IV) Teaching for Student Learning, and V) Teacher Professionalism.

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When students submit their portfolio, this tool, deployed as an add-on to Webxam, provides a distance capability for two raters to provide their judgments of the rubric. First, raters are activated by the teacher. They then receive login credentials by e-mail from CETE staff, which enables them to log in and finish providing information about themselves. Next, they use the online rating tool to provide their ratings on the rubric elements with a PDF rating rubric as an aid to completing their task. Finally, they submit their ratings and log out of the system. Teachers can access ratings, which are finalized when both raters have submitted their judgments. A third rater can be activated if there is a large discrepancy between the two raters. A small field test was carried out during 2008-2009 and the system was rolled out during a meeting held in late October for a group of nearly 80 teachers assembled in Columbus for professional development.

Contributor: James T. Austin