Ohio Educational Technology Conference

CETE staff attended the Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) (http://oetc.ohio.gov) held in Columbus on February 15-16. OETC is an opportunity for Ohio educators to explore new education technologies and emerging trends to enrich students’ learning experience. Alicia Willis, Adrienne Boggs, and Bobbie Sin attended on behalf of the Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) project to discern how these technologies and trends could be applied in the adult classroom and professional development settings.
Resources of interest from the conference are the following:

  • Lynn Lease, Ph.D., provides several websites for interactive Open Educational Resources (OERs) at https://lynnleasephd.com.
  • Cable Green, the Director of Open Education at Creative Commons, delivered a keynote to inform educators on how to use Creative Commons licensing to share information freely on https://creativecommons.org.
  • Eric Curts’s blog (http://www.ControlAltAchieve.com) provides information on how Google apps can be used in the classroom to assist students with special needs.
  • Kahoot (https://getkahoot.com) allows students to answer questions in class through a fun, interactive app on their smartphone or tablet.
  • EDpuzzle (https://edpuzzle.com) allows teachers to add audio, notes, and questions to videos at certain points to make sure students are viewing and understanding the video content.

Contributors: Alicia Willis, Adrienne Boggs, Bobbie Sin