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CETE Staffers participate in ELEIS Program

CETE staff members Jody Angelone, Tricia Hughes-Fitzgerald, Bridget McHugh, Jim Austin, Greg Nagy, Jodi Lemaster, John Moser, and Kate Fergus recently have had the opportunity to provide professional learning experiences for the Experiential Learning Engagement for International Students (ELEIS) program.

A group of individuals in the open lobby of building holding a red flag featuring Chinese textSince early December, 26 students from Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province have been attending seminars and workshops, immersing themselves in foreign language classes, participating in focus-group discussions, engaging in professional and career development, volunteering in local community and social service organizations, and participating in cultural events and excursions.

These events are continuing through the winter and provide wonderful opportunities for CETE staff members to engage with a fun group of students.

CETE staff designed and delivered student-centered, evidence-based sessions on the following topics:

  • US Workplace Context and Career Awareness - presented by Jody Angelone and Christina Terrell
  • Standards-based Education- presented by Tricia Hughes-Fitzgerald
  • Storyboarding and Lesson Planning - presented by Tricia Hughes-Fitzgerald
  • Education Assessment: Classroom Assessment - presented by Tricia Hughes-Fitzgerald
  • Education Assessment: Test Development - presented by Bridget McHugh
  • Item-writing Observation - presented by Jim Austin
  • Educational Technology and Virtual Reality- presented by Greg Nagy and Jodi Lemaster
  • DACUM Observation - presented by John Moser
  • Job Analysis - presented by Kate Fergus
  • Task Analysis - presented by Kate Fergus
  • Mock Interviews - presented by John Moser
Tricia Hughes-Fitzgerald, Angela Stansell