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CETE Staff Member & Colleagues Develop a Tool to Evaluate Learning Technology

One of CETE's Instructional Development Specialists, Cara North, has co-developed a tool to help people evaluate what technology should and should not be implemented in their workplace or school. Think about all of those computers, tablets, software packages, and smart technologies that employers and schools spend precious resources on. This new tool, which is named Context Pilot and Reporting (CPR), helps to answer questions such as: Who will be using this technology? What will it look like? What will it cost over time? And who will train staff to use it?

“We go to sites like Yelp or Amazon to read extensive reviews about a $20 product, but that kind of scrutiny hasn’t been applied to learning technologies. We want learning technology to be more accessible, and to give people a framework to think through for implementation of new technology.”
– Cara North

In November, together with her colleagues from multiple departments at OSU, Cara will lead a presentation about this learning technologies evaluation tool at the premier Ed Tech Conference in the world, the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). They will also be publishing an article about the tool through the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC.ed.gov). The group received a $1,500 staff development grant to attend the conference in Jacksonville, FL. This same team has also worked on other projects in the past as well.

This photo is of the group presenting at the Innovate Conference in May 2017.

Cara North, Meredith Wellman