Meet CETE: Janine Dotson

New CETE Associate Janine Dotson

Janine Dotson joined CETE as a Program and Building Coordinator on February 4, 2019. She works closely with Donna Smith, CETE’s Fiscal Officer. Janine is from the Urbana, Ohio area and studied at Ohio Christian University and Urbana University.

Janine has an extensive background in billing, receivables, and bookkeeping with a strong focus on customer service. Her career in higher education began at Wittenberg University where she gained experience in academic services prior to coming to OSU and the College of Education and Human Ecology Service Center. She lives in Springfield, OH and enjoys experiencing the sunrises on her commute to work.

Janine is married to husband Tim, and has 2 wonderful children; Ben of Moraine, OH and Alyssa who lives in Austin, TX. Luckily for Janine, traveling to Texas means she is steadily accumulating a lot of air miles. She has many interests, including music, movies, gardening, sewing, and reading.

Contributor: Keya Crenshaw