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CETE staff members work with clients to identify academic or technical content and develop competency-driven standards and proven systems for certification, workforce development, and educational needs. Additionally, we have extensive understanding and success in standards development and revision for the benefit of the client, community, and the delivery of a superior service and product.

Educational Standards Development

Using a multistep, iterative process, we work with content specialists and educators to identify, review, rework, and confirm appropriate standards statements. Working in both career-technical and academic contexts, we develop benchmarks, competencies, or indicators based on the complexity of your standards system.

Standards Implementation Planning

Using focus groups and discussion panels, CETE staff members bring together educators, staff developers, and policy makers to design standards dissemination and implementation plans. We gather recommendations from stakeholder groups to inform policy information, resources, and training to support classroom personnel.

Practice and Occupational Analysis

As a framework, practice or occupational analysis identifies tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform a job well. Our staff members are experienced in a variety of well-developed standard methods such as DACUM, Western Regional Intergovernmental Personnel Assessment Consortium (WRIPAC), and SHL's Work Profiling System (WPS). We also offer a customized approach based on your specific needs.