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CETE provides customized evaluation services to produce credible data that yields positive results. After years of devoted analysis, we concluded that continual appraisal is essential to maintaining effective initiatives in any sector of the education and workforce development systems and adjusting policies to maintain pace with changes in programmatic circumstances and the environment.

Data Collection and Analysis

CETE staff members use various research methods (e.g., surveys, site visits, focus groups, database applications, content analysis, archival data analysis) to collect and interpret data. We combine technological and technical expertise to design instruments, gather information, and analyze results.

Needs Assessment

CETE staff members work at multiple levels within organizations to determine needs. Through various methods, including surveys and stakeholder interviews, we examine discrepancies between current conditions and desired states to identify needs and prioritize actions for solutions.

Program and Process Evaluation

We address and determine customized solutions to questions about program and process effectiveness through a combination of research-based approaches — both quantitative and qualitative. We assist organizations in clarifying goals and identifying appropriate measures for determining achievement. We can work with you to ensure quality processes and outcomes based on international quality standards.